The Story

Designed in Brisbane, Australia, our Delter Coffee Press launched on social media in late 2018, and within 7 days smashed its crowdfunding goal by 350% on Kickstarter, quickly launching into production for its debut in March 2019.  What makes Delter a game changer?
Our unique jet-seal and plunger design makes the Delter Coffee Press the first in the world to brew using what we call the 'injection method', were water is infused through the coffee by a set volume and time, under pressure that can be controlled.
This ‘volumetric’ approach means that the user can gently pre-infuse or bloom the coffee, in addition to having complete control over the time and pressure of the water and coffee contact. The result is a cleaner taste that has much more clarity in the cup, and less tendency to get bitter results from unwanted agitation.
The jet-seal acts as the name suggests - dispersing a 'jet' stream of water into the coffee under pressure. The velocity of the water stream passing through the coffee means that coffee extraction occurs more quickly (similar to stirring sugar in hot water with a spoon), so there is less waiting around for the ‘ideal extraction’ to be reached.
The Delter has accurate water level volume markings, which makes it basic to brew a single cup or even double serving of up to 400ml, without the use of scales. 
Delter cleaning is simple. You can use the plunger after the brew to press through air, which ‘dries’ the grounds. Then you twist off the cap, and can tap grounds out and rinse.  
Delter uses Tritan Copolyester, which is clear and looks like glass. It’s also indestructible and will withstand any environment you find yourself in.