Delter Cold Drip

Brewing with the Delter Cold Drip.

Watch the video below to learn an overview on features and brewing with the Delter Cold Drip.  

Be sure to download a digital copy of the brew guide and our FAQs and watch the video below before you start brewing with the Delter Cold Drip, and enjoy the new way to brew. 


FAQs and Troubleshooting

FAQ: Drip Tray is stopping, how do I resolve?


- Be sure to keep the tray clear of dust and clean if needed (including first use). - Make sure the tray is always dry before use - particularly on the underside of each tray.

- You can start the flow again by using your finger to touch the drain hole on the underside of tray.

- For best results, use filtered water at room temperature.

- Note: The results will vary depending on the water you are using and its temperature.

FAQ: How can I adjust the dripping rate?


- Set the drip rate by pouring water in the bottom tray to your desired volume. The depth of water in this tray will set the dripping rate.

- If using filtered water at <20 degrees Celcius, the drip rate will be approximately 1 drip per second when tray is full to 200mL line.

- If you wish for the speed to slow down, then fill below 200mL in the bottom tray and check the resulting dripping rate, until it is at your desired rate. Fill the upper trays to the 200mL line so they keep the water in the lowest tray constant.

Tip: Please line up the trays so that the 200mL markings line up with the Glass Server markings. This will mean that the overflow notches are aligned above the spout, and will prevent any spills if a drain hole becomes blocked.

For further support, please contact us.